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Pluralising Philosophy: Learning from the Case of Chinese Thought (Oxford, UK)


• Prof. Robert Bernasconi (Pennsylvania State University)
• Prof. Carine Defoort (University of Leuven)
• Prof. Bryan W. Van Norden (Yale-NUS College; Vassar College; Wuhan University)

There are increasing calls to pluralise philosophy: to look beyond the parochial, the colonial, the exclusive. This one-day symposium jointly organised by Minorities and Philosophy Oxford and Philiminality Oxford brings together three leading philosophers to explore the tensions within "canonical"/"Western" philosophy regarding the status of "non-Western" philosophies, with a particular focus on the case of Chinese thought.

Our speakers will address a number of questions – drawing on meta-philosophical, methodological, as well as historical considerations – to shed light on some of these tensions, and identify ways of moving forward. For instance, in what sense might “Western” philosophy be deemed parochial, and how recent is this phenomenon? What forms do attempts to pluralise philosophy take, and what are their payoffs and pitfalls? Moreover, how do philosophers pluralise philosophy in ways that do not further contribute to the marginalisation of both the traditions they draw upon and other traditions which they do not engage with? What are the assumptions made or rejected by those who debate the “legitimacy” of Chinese Philosophy? What are some of the concrete ways in which Chinese thought can shed new light on problems in contemporary "Western" philosophy?

The morning session will consist of three lectures (with time for questions) by our three invited speakers:

- Prof. Robert Bernasconi - "Narrowing the Philosophical Canon around 1800: The Exclusion of Chinese Philosophy in Context"
- Prof. Carine Defoort - “The Exclusion of Chinese Philosophy: “Ten Don’ts”, “Three Represents,” and “Eight Musts”"
- Prof. Bryan W. Van Norden - "Learning from Chinese Philosophy"

The afternoon session will bring together our three speakers in a moderated panel discussion, with plenty of time for Q&A.

**Lunch and coffee/tea will be provided free of charge, but registration is required.**

To register, follow the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdst_glMj3R99LQmh2zPNwy20-d1Vj-eqjls4y64V0RTPI9xA/viewform?fbclid=IwAR21xWf7v6tHl0DSKlV0ks1kSTUN1wqEvjymuTzfjZ8lwOs-hvIoR4T8sqc

VENUE: Lecture Room (2nd Floor), Faculty of Philosophy, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter 555, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6GG

The Symposium is organised with the generous support of All Souls College, University of Oxford; Nanyang Technological University of Singapore; and the Aristotelian Society.

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Philosophy Salon: Asian Philosophy (Bristol, UK)

Join St George's Bristol's philosopher-in-residence Julian Baggini and his guests for the first in a new series of evenings of philosophical discussion. Bryan van Norden and Jin Y. Park are two of the world’s leading philosophers working at the intersection of east and west. Park’s book Buddhism and Postmodernity combines Zen and Huayan Buddhism with Continental philosophy, while van Norden’s book Taking Back Philosophy: A Multicultural Manifesto has challenged western philosophers to open their minds and doors to other traditions. In discussion with Julian Baggini they will be talking about what we can learn from Asian thought and the obstacles to genuine core-cultural philosophising.

Bryan Van Norden is Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Professor at Yale-NUS College (Singapore), James Monroe Taylor Chair in Philosophy at Vassar College (USA), and Chair Professor in the School of Philosophy at Wuhan University (China)

Jin Y. Park is Professor of Philosophy and Religion at American University and President of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy


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